Links General Cat Links 1 Links

  1. Feline WWW Sites, the purrfect list from Judith Berman
  2. The ErotiCat page: don't let the kittens see this!
  3. Catnames List
  4. CatStuff: lots of icons and info
  5. Traditional Cat Association, Inc. "Home of the Traditional Cat"
  6. Ramblin' cat - How to travel the world with your cat
  7. Welcome to Vet on the Web - an Online Diet Pharmacy and Consultation Service
  8. Maine Coon Cats by Verismo Cat
  9. Cat Secrets
  10. Find quality Cat sites
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Links General Cat Links 2 Links

  1. Save a Stray Cat or Dog in the USA
  2. Siamese Internet Cat Club
  3. Siamese Cats Online Club
  4. American Cat Fanciers Association [ACFA]
  5. World of P.A.W., a cat club
  6. Cats Online
  7. Mymystic - Tonkinese Cats by Linda Vousden
  8. Edmonton Cat Fanciers Club
  9. a site for cats and cat lovers
  10. Library Cats in the USA
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Links General Cat Links 3 Links

  1. Mewsa - is your cat intelligent enough to join?
  2. Catstuff Graphics
  3. Admiring Maine Coon cats around the World
  4. Get a Random Cat name
  5. Cat Health-Related Links
  6. Before you decide which breed to get try the Cat Breed selector from
  7. UK Directory of Pet Services
  8. List of I-131 Radio Iodine Treatment providers for Hyperthyroid cats
  9. Cat sitting
  10. Map of rec.pets.cats.anecdotes subscribers New!
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Links General Cat Links 4 Links

  1. Pet action League
  2. East Riding Cat Society, UK
  3. - The Internet's Animal Directory
  4. Cat Help: links to many resources
  6. Shopcats
  7. FAQ for the newsgroup rec.pets.cats.anecdotes
  8. Cyber Neighborhood Kitty Pad
  9. Cat Concerns
  10. Cool Cat sites
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Links General Cat Links 5 Links

  1. Pick A Cat
  2. Cat Chats
  3. In memory of Higgins
  4. Play with Maukie using the mouse: remember to stroke him!
  5. Let's explore Cat Art....
  6. Companion Air: where pets and their families fly first class
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Links Commercial Cat Links 1 Links

  1. Zei Cinofilia, a specialised pet shop in Florence, Italy
  2. GO-CAT Feather Toys
  3. Topscratch Hand Built Cat Furniture
  4. Whiskas Taste Challenge
  5. Cats, other Pets & Wildlife fine Art Prints
  6. Peek-a-Boo Play Box, creative toy for cats
  7. SittingPrettyKitty, cat furniture, trees, condos and posts!
  8. I Love Cats, an American magazine
  9. Catastrophy, a comic video
  10. There is Eternal Life for Animals by Niki Behrikis Shanahan
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Links Commercial Cat Links 2 Links

  1. Animal Den - Animal lovers' gift store
  2. Pet ID Tags with various designs
  3. "Tags of Luck" offers custom engraved Pet ID Tags
  4. Pawsense - catproof your computer
  5. A Bentley Cushions - covers, including cats
  6. Lost Art of Home Cat Bathing
  7. Cat Friendsey - video show for cats
  8. Paws Up Pet Supply
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Links Missing Cat Links Links

  1. How to Find a Lost Cat or Dog from the Pet Action League
  2. All about Pets for people in the USA
  3. PetSearch UK
  4. Lost Pets UK
  5. Lost pets in New Zealand
  6. Missing Cat Assistance - a group for pooling information
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