Links Rescue Cat Links 1 Links

  1. Paradise Animal Welfare Sanctuary in St Thomas, Virgin Islands
  2. Animal Friends - The no-kill shelter in Pittsburgh
  3. Battersea Dogs Home [they rescue cats too!]
  4. Mann Cat Sanctuary in the Isle of Man
  5. Adopt-a-cat scheme in Scotland, UK
  6. Caithness Cat Protection
  7. Pets 911 - because every community has pets in need
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Links Rescue Cat Links 2 Links

  1. Cats in Toronto
  2. International Cat Rescue Groups
  3. Catkin Cat Rescue in Lincolnshire, England
  4. Harrogate and District Cat Protection
  5. Cats Protection in the UK
  6. United Animal Rescuers
  7. National Pet Rescue in the USA
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Links :) Funny Links 1 :) Links

  1. Kitty Porn
  2. Washing the Cat - the Dog's Revenge
  3. How to Tell the Weather - the Cat's Revenge
  4. Cats are from Mars [note the picture of Quango]
  5. In a Flap: the Worldwide Shortage of Catflaps
  6. Live Nude Cats!
  7. What's Your Cat's True Identity?
  8. The Way to a Woman's heart ... is through her Cat
  9. Modesty!
  10. Cats and What They Look Like
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Links :) Funny Links 2 :) Links

  1. Maukie - play with her with the mouse
  2. 'Oh! That mouse'
  3. My Cat Annie
  4. Lap Dance
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Links Pet Loss Links Links

  1. The Pet Loss Grief Support Website & Candle Ceremony
  2. The Lightning Strike Pet-Loss Support Page may help if you have lost a cat
  3. Pet loss Support Hotlines in the USA [Grief Counselling]
  4. Say Good-bye to a Treasured Pet
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