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by David Yehudah, Bellflower, CA, USA


I pulled something almost identical to that on Patty a couple of years ago. We were looking around a small dress shop in Tijuana, Mexico, when a very helpful young lady clerk started following Patty around trying to make a sale. Patty told her politely she was just shopping and would let her know if she needed help.

Patty doesn't speak Spanish; I do. :-)

The clerk and I got to chatting, and I helpfully pointed out that Patty was looking at the regular-size clothes because she was too vain to admit that what she really needed was extra large. So the clerk started following her around, and every time Patty pulled out a regular-size article, the clerk helpfully pointed out they had the same item in extra large. As you can imagine Patty was getting madder by the minute. Finally she told the clerk to go away and leave her alone.

Frustrated, the young woman came back to where I was standing and stood there with her arms folded, fuming inwardly. That's when I told her she should be watching Patty much more closely. "She steals things, you know."


"Yeah, she can't help it; it's like a sickness."

She rushed back to Patty's side, not saying a word but dogging her every move, right at her elbow. Patty stomped off to another shop, highly indignant. I just smiled and followed.


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