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"Dummy is dummy": an Appeal from Tabiano

by Fearghal O'Boyle, Sligo, Ireland

Arranged by Dietlind Kellner, Vienna, Austria


Dietlind Kellner of Austria did a presentation on appeals that contained an example appeal with Grattan Endicott as Chairman - and many will remember his efforts to deal with a player who had been instructed to act as an unruly bombastic professional player. Some of us thought it was a draw!

To set it up, Dietlind produced a practice example, and here it is:

Brd #2
S KT43
H J42
D AQ64
C 32
S T987
H 87
D 75
[ ] S QJ65
H 96
C 84
D 32
C Q965
Lead: DT
WestNorth EastSouth
Pass1S Pass 3C
Result: 10 tricks, NS+630

E called TD after play explaining that W had asked for a description of opener's hand after the 3C bid, receiving "4H, 5C, 14-16 HCP" as an answer. With correct information he would have led C (especially because W might have doubled 3C).

After finding out all the facts, you, the TD, decided to adjust the score to +200 for E/W. Furthermore you penalised N/S an extra 20% of a top.

N/S appeal (score and penalty).

Prepare an appropriate appeal form.

The decision certainly needed more facts than the ones listed above. Invent all the facts you need as appropriate.


Dietlind allowed people to work in groups over producing an appeals form, and then chose the most suitable [prepared by Mike Amos and John Pyner] as her example. But she also delighted in reading out one answer she got, and here it is, with permission from Dietlind and Fearghal.


"Dummy is dummy"

by Fearghal O'Boyle

I had just left a table down the room and was heading towards the top of the room when I heard some noise behind me. I thought I recognised the voices.

But surely I couldn't hear voices from a table so at the other end of the room. I turned around and my worst fears were realised when I saw that the commotion was indeed coming from 'Hannibal's' table.

The local TDs were familiar with this elderly gentleman's temper. He loved to 'chew' directors, hence his nickname 'Hannibal'.

Anticipating a call for the TD, I made my way towards the exit, hoping the Chief TD would be nearer Hannibal's table when the inevitable call came. However, I was not quick enough and the roar for "DIRECTOR!" made me turn white and freeze on the spot.

The CTD was busy at another table, but I caught his eye, and he smirked to wish me luck. As I approached the table, already shaking, I could see that Hannibal was already entangled with East-West who were two ladies.

I got to the table just in time to stop East from saying or doing something nasty.

"Did you call for a Director?

"Can you keep the noise down please?

"We are all friends here, so we can sort the problem peacefully."

Hannibal [South]:
"You took your time getting here! You guys have nothing to do up there all day and yet you are never around when we need you.

"Anyway, why are you here? Where is the real TD?

"Don't mind him. He is impossible and very rude. We know you work very hard. Besides you are the 'nice' director."

"OK. Can you tell me what happened?"

"North described the '3C' bid as 4 hearts and 5 clubs, 14-16 HCP. With correct information, East might have found a club lead and West might have doubled 3C to suggest a club lead."

Director [to South]:
"What is your partnership agreement on the 3C bid?"

"It is a natural bid of course. I have no need for these fancy conventions! I have 5+ hearts and 4+ clubs, maybe 3 clubs."

"Then why did you not correct your partner's mistaken explanation before East made the opening lead?"

"What? Are you blind as well as deaf? Do you not see that I was dummy. I suppose you want me to start talking when I am dummy now? Do you not know that 'Dummy is dummy'?"

"Why do I never get real directors at my table? Now run along and send the 'boss' down."

"Why do you insult everyone? This nice director is perfectly right. He ruled correctly at our table last week. You should have told me the right explanation."

"You had a duty to call the director and offer a correct explanation after the final pass.

So I will have to adjust the final score."

"Are you still here? What do you mean you will 'adjust' the score? +630 is a top. Anyway, if you do adjust the score, 4 hearts making +620 will not be a bad board. But I will appeal."

"If you had corrected the mistaken explanation, East might have led a club, West would have switched to a diamond, your partner would have finessed, and another club would have come through dummy. leading to 6 tricks for the defence.

"So I am adjusting the score to 3NT-2 [-200]."

"Are you for real? -200? Has that other useless director come back from the bar yet?

"Why would my partner finesse a diamond and risk going down when he has 9 top tricks?

"Partner might be 'pug' ugly and a bad bidder etc, but even he would know not to finesse the diamond."

"Partner, you have gone too far. I have stayed quiet long enough. I am fed up with your insulting opponents and directors. You must stop.

"Of course I will finesse the diamond, because I will see that I need to make ten tricks in 3NT to avoid losing to the other normal pairs who are making +620 in 4H."

"I must apologise for my partner. I don't know what has come over him. He is normally so quiet. You have all upset him.

"I am never playing in this event again. It is always too cold, too expensive, nasty opponents and incompetent directors!"

"You are completely out of order. In addition to adjusting the score to 3NT-2 [-200], I am also penalizing you 10% of a top for failing in your duty to correct the misexplanation and I am also penalizing you a further 10% of a top for your discourteous behaviour. You have the right to appeal."

"We better move to the next table. They are waiting for us. Thank you director."

Laws: 75D2 40C 74A1 74A2 74B5 90B7 90B8


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