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Puzzles with numbers


This series of puzzles does not measure intelligence, your fluency with words, creativity or mathematical ability. It will however, give you some gauge of your mental flexibility. Few can solve more than half on the first try. Many report solutions long after the test when they are no longer even thinking about the problems. Some have solved them all over a period of days. 16 correct is considered excellent. (Some problems might be considered American in nature.)

Each question contains a number and then an equal sign with initials in the answer with each letter being the initial of a missing word. For example:

  1. 26=L of the A
  2. 7=W of the W
  3. 1001=A N
  4. 12=S of the Z
  5. 54=C in a D (with the J)
  6. 9=P in the S S
  7. 88=P K
  8. 13=S on the A F
  9. 18=H on a G C
  10. 32=D F at which W F
  11. 8=S on a S S
  12. 200=D for P G in M
  13. 3=B M (S H T R)
  14. 90=D in a R A
  15. 4=Q in a G
  16. 24=H in a D
  17. 1=W on a U
  18. 5=D in a Z C
  19. 57=H V
  20. 11=P on a F T
  21. 1000=W that P is W
  22. 29=D in F in a L Y
  23. 64=S on a C
  24. 40=D and N of G F
  25. 80=D to G A the W
  26. 2=Number it T to T


So, how did you do? See the solutions

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