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Tales from the Mouser: Lacey's story

by Lori Crews, Houston, Texas, USA


That evening word had spread among the cats and kittens who were on their maiden voyage of the Mouser. They gathered in the sleeping room, bringing with them treats that they had taken from the galley to munch on as Lacey told her story. Even Mischief was listening, although she pretended to be asleep in her hammock.

"Pssstttttttt," Sammy whispered to Tabitha, "what did you think about the story Lacey just told? Do you think it's really true?"
"Of course it's true," Tabitha replied, "why would you think that it isn't?"
"I don't know," Sammy said, "I live with an Elder and she just doesn't seem that kind or wise. Bandit is really, really mean to everyone, even to our hoomin mommy, and she LOVES our hoomin mommy!"
"Mean how?" Tabitha asked. "Well, when I bite on her tail, or jump on her back she swats me on the head."

Tabitha sneered at Sammy, "Well of course she does, Elders can't be bothered with hooli-kittens."
"Well, she sometimes bites our mommy too!" Sammy added defensively, then relented, "But mommy says it was because she was once fur-real. That confuses me, I thought everyone's fur was real."
"Silly kit," Tabitha scoffed, "she said feral, FEH-rell. That's when a cat is born in the wild and has to find her own way and fight just to live. Sometimes that makes them nervous when a hoomin pets or touches them too much and they can't help but bite."
"Oh." Sammy looked somewhat abashed, "Hey, I'm hungry, let's go find something to eat!"
"I don't know," Tabitha said, "we're supposed to be asleep."

"Well, I'M brave enough to go and get me something to eat." Sammy taunted.
"So am I!" Tabitha rejoined. And thus began a night of commotion that would soon be felt in all corners of the ship.


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