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Peaches the Huntress

by Jenniffer


It's a well-known fact that my cat is a wuss. She's scared of her own shadow -- literally. So we don't have to worry about her venturing outside at all. Until now, anyhow...

Our apartment is at the back of a house, with a small entryway before you reach our door. That same entrance leads to both the basement and the back door of our landlord's home. Peaches has never ventured out - especially since our landlord has 2 dogs that sometimes frequent the area on their way outside.

Well, the basement houses the washer and dryer. When I do laundry, I shut the door tightly so she doesn't escape on the off chance that she's feeling unusually brave. I take the baby moniter down with me to keep an ear out for the baby, of course. However, yesterday was a bit different.

Somehow the door didn't get shut tight. Every now and then, this would happen and I would find Peaches peering cautiously out the door. She never went any farther. I finished with the laundry and came back up home. The door wasn't latched, but wasn't open far enough that I thought her fat butt could fit through. I didn't see her in the entryway there, so I didn't think anything of it and closed the door before going on with my business. (Namely the dishes.) Since she sleeps in unusual spots, it didn't concern me that I didn't see her. I figured she was napping under the crib or hiding somewhere with her wig.

About 2 hours later, as I was feeding the baby, I heard scratching. It sounded like scratching on wood, which she has been known to do. Namely the baseboard of the wall next to her litter box. I shouted out for her to cut it out. (She knows she's not supposed to be scratching it, but she likes to keep me in line by doing it now and then and being scolded.) The scratching quit. Then the scratching started up again about 2 minutes later. This went on for about 15 minutes while I fed the baby. Then I went to see what the hell she was doing.

Apparently, Peaches had decided to explore the basement and had spent the last 2 hours doing so. I didn't even see her escape or come down to the basement, where I was standing that whole time! She was clawing at the door to be let back in. When I did, she sauntered through and gave me a dirty look as if to say "How dare you shut me out?!" I suppose we'll have to be more careful when we open the door from now on...

I'd say she was hunting mice down there, but my cat has never been known for her intelligence and has never 'caught' anything live that I know of in her 8 years of life... However, all the sticks and leaves of the world beware!

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