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Self Esteem Problem?

by Laura, Milan, Italy


I normally know where my cats are in the house, and this evening it was even easier. I hanged my bed sheets out to dry, and of course Dallas is sleeping in the laundry basket (his favorite place in the world!) and Melly is trying to climb on the sheets (still wonder why i have no curtains in the house? :-) ) And Dynasty... well she is a Real Lady and she doesn't care of her personnel when it's laundry time... so she must have been somewhere inside.

Then, just a couple of minutes ago, I heard some terrible meows and hisses coming from the bathroom.

Very strange.

First of all, Dynasty is not aggressive, she really prefers runing away from the other cats.

Then, Melly never goes from a place to another without passing through me for a quick headbutt.

Dallas, I could bet anything that he had not moved from the basket, he never ever does until i send him out of there. :-)

The meows and hisses grew terrible, so I went to check... and there was Dynasty, all alone in front of the bathroom mirror, expressing all her hatred for the Tortie in The Mirror.

I could not help laughing, so Dynasty got upset and ran away. :-) I wonder if i should tell her that she should love that wonderful cat, becasue she is so much like her and I adore her do much?


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