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Feline Fish Murders!

by Helen Miles, Caterham, Surrey, UK


Well, Robbie and Tiger have been at it again! Now I have finally managed to stop their bait the dog game, they have looked for, and found trouble elsewhere.

I came into the kitchen yesterday, to find Tiger sitting there, with a goldfish, soaking wet, covered in green pond slime, and Robbie looking very pleased with himself.A little while later, I had my neighbour visit, who told me that my cats had been playing with her goldfish in her pond, and described how they did it. She couldn't stop giggling. (fortunately!)

Apparently, she has a small ledge running around the edge of her pond, which is only about 2 inches deep. Tiger had waded onto this ledge with Robbie supervising from the pond edge, and proceeded to try and swipe a fish by reaching further out into the pond with his paw. Just at the point at which Tiger was about to lose his balance, Robbie had placed a paw on Tigers rump, and given him a shove so he ended up in the in the middle of the pond under the lillies. Tiger had come up spluttering, and climbed out of the pond looking a very bedraggled soggy moggie. He was not impressed apparently, and became hell bent on pushing Robbie into the pond in return. Robbie, however, is somewhat more graceful and agile than Tiger, and managed to carry on dodging out of his way.

Because of this, and the fact he was wet, Tiger decided to take it out on the fish. So he went back out onto the ledge...... And lost his balance again! At this point, after he had been swimming twice, he gave up and decided to clean himself . Robbie then proceeded to show Tiger just how it was done, and flicked a fish out with his paw within a minute. They then brought it home, where Tiger told me about the one that got away.

My neighbour has accepted my offer to pay for a new fish, and netting for her pond.

I am dreading the next installment..........

It is just as well I adore the little devils - my bank manager hates them!


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