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Poor Cat

by Pam Shirk, North Carolina, USA


As those of you who are following the saga know, my four older cats have decided that they must teach and discipline Pine Cone, the kitten that adopted us while we were camping earlier this year. PC tends to take life on his terms, and has gained the reputation of being a hooli-cat. In fact PC had been a little terror.

Yesterday, the house was quiet. PC lay quietly beside me while I typed on the computer. The other cats took turns checking on him, especially Berfert who lay on the window nest while I was working, and on the bed while I was resting. Tanada spent most of her time in the living room instead of on her usual spot on top of the cable box. QC and Merlin wandered in and out every so often checking on the little guy.

Not that PC didn't try to be himself on occasion. He did an attempt at a flying leap that almost made it into my lap. Berfert glared at him and PC lay back down beside me. PC tried to chase his tail on the edge of the porcelain throne, and QC knocked him off of it and onto the floor. Merlin caught him trying to play cat food hockey in the kitchen and smacked him across the floor in his own hockey game. Merlin has a hard paw.

PC tried again after we picked Mike up from his friend, Jason's, house. Mike's bedroom door has been kept closed for sanity sake and Mike didn't see a reason to change the status quo. I walked by and found PC sitting patiently beside Mike's door waiting for him to be a pal and let him in. I knocked lightly on the door and told Mike that his buddy wanted to visit. PC was game, Merlin was not. He came dashing into the hallway and chased PC out of Mike's room.

Needless to say, PC was reserved. He was quiet. Too quiet. I was getting depressed because the older cats had seemed to have taken PC's spirit. PC didn't even try to kill my blankets last night. In fact, poor PC didn't even come into my room. I was so sad to see the death of a short but memorable era.

This morning, I was awakened by someone typing on the computer. I rolled over and looked at my computer, no one there. Rob's computer is kept on, but no one ever seems to use it, they all like mine. I looked at Rob's computer and found PC. He was walking over the keys, a smile on his face and enjoying the sounds of his toes on the keys. I raised up and yelled at him. He leaped from the keyboard as Berfert came running into the room at full speed. Berfert, not seeing anything wrong, left the room. PC leaped back onto Rob's computer keyboard.

I yelled again. PC leaped off of the keyboard before Merlin could enter the room. Merlin gave PC a swat and left the room again. PC leaped back on the computer stand and decided to check the state of gravity. It still works. I'm still picking up CD's, my coffee dragon statue, my calculator, pens, calendars, and all the other bric a brac that collects on computer tables. PC is back, and badder than ever.


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