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Quarantine of cats upon arrival in England

by James Washer, England


Our cats (3) are now home and out of quarantine. It's been a long six months, but fortunately the kennel where they stayed [Ladyhaye] was quite excellent.

For the first 3 months, the cats shared a double space (the wall between two normal areas was removed). Unfortunately, we wanted to bring the cats closer to where we lived, since Ladyhaye was a 45 minute drive. They were at a closer quarantine kennel for about a month. On various occasions, we found that they had no food and/or water when we visited. Also, we didn't feel that the staff had any awareness of the cats general health. That is, they didn't seem to check on them very frequently. Also, one of the cats (14yr old male) began losing weight. We didn't feel like the animals were getting adequate attention, so we moved them back to Ladyhaye.

Back at Ladyhaye, the vet decided they needed to investigate some unusual lumps in the sick cat's abdomen. We found he has cancer (lymphoma). Thoughout the remaining two months, the staff at Ladyhaye, and at the vet hospital, went out of their way to make everything as easy as possible for us. They did an exceptional job of helping with the sick cat.

We could visit them 6 days a week. Once the old cat was found to have cancer, Ladyhaye allowed us to visit on Sundays as well. My wife spent 7 days a week, about 5 hours a day, visiting the cats.

Ladyhaye has both a dog quarantine, and a cat quarantine. They are separated by approximately 100 yards, so the cats didn't seem to be disturbed the barking in the distance.

The quarantine rules do not allow the cats to be out of their cages. The cages are large enough for my wife and I to sit with the cats in 'lawn chairs' that we kept at the kennels. I would guess that each cage is 4 feet wide by 10 foot deep by 7 feet high.

If you're coming to England, anywhere near London, I would most strongly suggest you contact Ladyhaye in Blindley Heath. The woman who is in charge of the cats (Monica) is quite incredible. She works seven days a week, so she knows your cats quite well. She pays personal attention to every cat there. She'll take better care of your cats than you do!

Post Ladyhaye can be contacted at:
Phone Telephone:

Standard disclaimer, I have no interest in Ladyhaye. Just a completely satisfied customer. This place truly understands the idea of exceeding customer's expectations.


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