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Memories of Copenhagen 2001

by David Stevenson


Each year I am invited to play with my wife, Liz, and direct in the Havnefrontfestival Invitation Tournament in Copenhagen [formerly known as the Fredericksberg Invitation Tournament]. We could not go last year, so we were pleased to go this year.

Last time I was in Copenhagen Malmo was a hydrofoil trip away. Now there is a bridge half the way, a tunnel the other half, and trains go through. I enjoyed the round trip by train from Copenhagen, north to Helsingor (Hamlet's Elsinore), ferry to Helsingborg in Sweden, train to Malmo, train back to Denmark and Copenhagen.

I even got used to the buses this time, though as a confirmed car-and-train man, they terrify me. After dinner on Monday with Liz and our Danish friends, Jens, Bodil and Jesper, we had to hurry to catch the last bus! What on earth do you do if you miss it?

When I went to have dinner with my friends we agreed to meet at the restaurant. We were early, but when the time arrived should we go in? Why not use my mobile! So I rang Jens, who said he was walking along the pavement towards the restaurant. Aha, I said, are you wearing an Orange shirt? I'm the one waving in the air he said, as this guy in an orange shirt started waving in the air! Oh, the joys of mobile phones!


When he read the above, Doug Newlands of Geelong, Victoria, Australia pointed out:
I seem to remember getting into a similar situation with you in Liverpool looking for a Greek restaurant when I was a block further down the street at another plausible restaurant. It must indicate something but I can't think what. (Opportunity for wits here!)


Usually my Memories do not include hands, but this time I am going to set two puzzles, both of which I got wrong - perhaps. Liz and I reached bottom place and stayed there for much of the tournament. Part of the reason for our drop was this [I was North]:

Board 19
Dealer South
E/W Vul
S Q3
H J107542
D Q2
S AK10965
H 6
D 754
C 875
[ ]
WestNorth EastSouth
Pass2D Pass2H
2SPass 2NTPass
3NTAll Pass  

Liz's 1NT shows 12-14 points, and dummy is a shock! Partner leads the H3. She seems to have three to an honour - she might have broken the transfer with four to an honour and she would not lead low without an honour. You play the H10, declarer wins with the HK. He now leads the D10, 6, 4, to you. Now what?


About match 7 of 9 we staged a glorious recovery, hammering two charming young ladies. We shot up the field, finishing about average. We could have done better but for this board:

Board 28 -- Dealer West -- N/S Vul
S 10
H AQ87543
D 76532
C --
[ ] S A87
H K109
C AK932
WestNorth EastSouth
4HPass 4NTPass
5DPass 7HAll Pass

The opposition assure you they play random carding against a Grand Slam. The lead is the C5, RHO plays the CQ whatever you play from dummy. Decide your plan now.

It was a great tournament as ever. It was Swiss Pairs for the first time because there were so many tables (twelve). I love Swiss Pairs, and I love Butler Pairs: this was my first Butler Swiss Pairs! Sadly I had no rulings to give, because there was one at my table, and the other two were in the top room which I never reached! Liz and I did get the second session prize for our grand recovery.

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