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Another Compound Squeeze?

by David Stevenson


Within a month after playing my first ever Compound Squeeze I was South on this hand in no-trumps with no opposition bidding. Fortunately the opening lead was kind.

S 64
H K653
C Q942
[ ]
D QT82

First trick, playing 4th highest leads from an honour, 2nd from small cards (standard British):


You might as well sort the Cs out so you lead another, CT C5 C2 C6. You have to take the D finesse so you do. D2 D7 DJ DK.

Now, how do take twelve tricks on the return of


After the last hand I was looking for Compound Squeezes. The basic requirements are two B menaces, ie a menace against both opponents accompanied by an entry. These are North's H6 and the SJ. Of course they are only actually a menace against one opponent but when it is not known which opponent you can sometimes play a Simple Squeeze as a Double Squeeze or Compound Squeeze, and a Double Squeeze as a Compound Squeeze. I learnt this from Clyde E Love's book, Bridge Squeezes Complete. A further requirement is a single menace sitting over the opponent and this seems to be the C9. So how about a Compound?

I could not see it, and finally decided regretfully that after the ST return there was no Compound. I played SA, DA, CQ, DT, DQ, not really quite sure who I was squeezing in what! When West discarded a S on DQ the C9 was of no further interest so I discarded it. After 3 rounds of Hs I found West had the H guard. His last 2 cards were HJ and CJ so I took the S finesse since he had no Ss.

Afterwards I checked my notes to see why the Compound did not work. With only one honour with the B threat in the hand containing one threat (SK) this is what is called a Type L restricted Compound. According to my notes:

"The last F winner must be South, and also an entry South in either North's B suit or the L suit. There must be an entry North in either South's B suit or the L suit."

That means that:


Suppose E returns a D instead of a S. Now we have two honours with the B threat in the hand containing one threat (SK and SA) and this is what is called a Type L unrestricted Compound. According to my notes there is no other requirement!

Cash CQ discarding a S, cash the Ds discarding a S from dummy, decide which suit West has abandoned. If West does not have S length now cash SA then SK, discarding C9 if it is not good. Either the SQ falls or the Hs run. If West appears to have abandoned Hs play 3 rounds of Hs. If the C9 and 4th H are not good the SQ will fall. One of the advantages of the Compound is that if the SQ is doubleton offside you get 12 tricks while a finesse would lose.

So the ST return spoilt my second Compound in a month!

The classification of Compound Squeezes (slightly amended and improved from Love) is here.


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