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Ode to a Piller

by Ginger-lyn Summer, Columbus, Ohio, USA


My cat was sick
He needed pills
The vet gave them to me
I took him home and tried my best
But how he made me bleed!

He bit and scratched,
And screeched and hissed,
He spit and drooled them out,
He flung them far and ran away --
"Oh, help me!" I did shout

My cat is sick
He needs his pills
But I can't do this well
Just look at all these scratches,
My hands that look like hell

"Oh help!"
I cried out to the vet,
"Is there nothing I can do?
"My cat won't take these pills of yours,
"And I feel such a fool"

He turned away
And then pulled out
A magical device
A tube of rubber and plastic
At the end there was a splice

"It's a piller"
He said with a smile
"And this should do the trick
"To get those pills inside your cat
"So he will not be sick"

I took it home
And tried it out --
My cat was taking pills!
And I had no more scratches,
Bites, or other ills

And now my cat
Will take his pills
He takes his pills with ease
Oh, you magical piller!
The answer to my pleas.


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