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Shortcut: Rainbow Bridge, for pets that have passed on

What is on my Catpage?

This page contains pictures, articles and links to do with Cats. There is a specialist section on UK Quarantine and some General Information. Submissions are welcome. This page has won an award: to see it properly click on the image to the right, then use "Back" on your browser to return here.

There is a separate Storypage with a very wide range of cat stories, ranging from the humorous to the sad!

Items of a more general nature appear on my Generalpage, including a section on Netiquette: how to post to Usenet. If you want to tell me what you think of my site there are various methods of feedback detailed on my Homepage. There are also lists there of all the articles and authors on the site.
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What is on
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General Interest

  1. Who subscribes to my newsgroups for cat lovers including places and pets 4 ? Updated
  2. Rainbow Bridge, where you will find pets that have passed on
  3. Cat Years
  4. Cat Newsgroups
  5. Learn how cats post to the Internet!
  6. Two cartoons
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Pictures of Cats

  1. Pictures of my Siamese cats Quango and Nanki Poo, and my sponsored cat Sophie!
  2. Quango gets his picture in the local paper!
  3. The New Generation: Minke joins the family
  4. Pictures of Miscellaneous cats
  5. Pictures of Ollie MIA
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