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UK Quarantine

  1. Quarantine by Britain in the USA
  2. Can I bring my pets into the UK? by Greg Sandell
  3. Can I bring pets with me? by the British Tourist Authority
  4. Sweeping Changes to Quarantine Law Proposed by MAFF
  5. The way forward! Nick Brown unlocks new Quarantine rules by MAFF
  6. Pets Travel Scheme [PETS]
  7. Quarantine of cats upon arrival in England by James Washer, England
  8. Quarantine advice for emigrating moggie by Neil Gardner, Heddington, Wiltshire, UK
  9. "Open Dore": a Potted History of UK Quarantine by Robert Dore, Bristol, UK
  10. Importing Cats to the UK [and elsewhere] LK
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  8. Pet Loss
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  10. :) See also my Quarantine Links :)
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General Cat Articles

  1. Catcodes by Eric Williams, Richmond, California, USA
  2. Cats in Trees by David Stevenson, Odette Brown, Paul F. Hoff & Nicola Kingston
  3. Help: Cat in Tree by Kathy Devine, Queens, New York
  4. Cautionary Tale by Todd Sherman, Gainesville, FL
  5. Christmas Present: a horrible cautionary tale
  6. Changes by Vicky Chapman, NSW, Australia
  7. I Love Cats - a Critique by David Stevenson, Liverpool, England, UK
  8. Cats on a Treadmill :-) New!
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