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Christmas Present

Note: this article is the most horrible article on this site. If you have ever given or received a pet as a present, or are ever likely to, then you should read it.
If you are never going to give or receive a pet as a present, and know no-one who would,
then I suggest you stop reading NOW and pass on to a nicer article. STOP! STOP!

You have been warned!


I was just about to bite my brother on the tail when suddenly I was wrenched upwards, a man human had picked me up in his paws and removed me from the cage that had been home for the past three months. I could hear my brother whining and mewing for me to return but all I could do was shiver in fear, as I was placed into a smaller cage to be carried away never to see my brother again. I must have cried myself to sleep, as I don't remember anything about the journey.

I was alone and afraid when I woke up, though the blanket I was lying on was soft and warm, reminding me of my mother before I was taken from her. All around me was dark, my nose was picking up scents that were strange to me, suddenly a bright light appeared as a human opened a door and entered the room. He stooped down and once more lifted me up and carried me towards a bright light and I saw a little human running towards us, she was meowing with delight and I could sense her joy and happiness.

As I was placed into her arms she embraced me, I purred like mad, and licked and head-butted her hands to show her how happy I was. We both bcame inseparable my little human friend and I, we would sleep together, walk together and play together.

Time passed quickly as it does when you are having fun as we were though I must confess I have noticed we see each other less now, I sit by the door purring away, waiting for her to come and play but most times she does not appear.

I still love and admire her and cannot understand what I have done wrong, she has even hissed at me lately when I run to greet her as she comes home from school. I was asleep when a human woke me and carried me out to a car, I looked for my little human friend but she was nowwhere to be seen. This human took me to a small room and put into a cage there were lots of other cats in cages.

One day I was taken from the room and placed in another, when I was lifted up onto a bed of some sort I could not help but feel afraid even as the human spoke softly to me and caressed my head with his hand I could see sadness in his eyes. I suddenly felt a sharp pain which passed as quickly as it appeared. YAWN, I am feeling tired all of a sudden, my vision is starting to get blurred, I try to keep my eyes open YAWN, so tired I close my eyes and drift off to sleep. I can see my mother, my brother and I are chasing her around the garden and then I see my little human friend and recall the excitement when she first saw me, and all the good times we had over the Christmas holidays, as yet I still don't know what it was to cause me to lose my little human friend, all we had done in the past 2-3 months was GROW up together.....yawn, getting darker now, very dark, I hope my little friend comes and gets me when I wake up,........yawnnnn.

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