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I Love Cats - a Critique

by David Stevenson, Liverpool, England, UK


I Love Cats is a magazine published every two months in the USA by Suzanne Hochman and edited by Lisa Allmendinger. I have no personal connection with the magazine.

Do you like to read about a wide variety of cat subjects? Do you like stories of cats that have travelled many miles to find their owners, followed by articles on Cat Litter? Do you want to read a page dedicated to veterinary problems, an article on how to tell your kids that your cat has died, and then a beautiful story on a cat that reminded her owner of her late mother? Then this is the magazine for you.

It covers difficult subjects but it also contains a lot of fun! It has many pictures, some in colour, and one or two of them are quite delightful, especially of playful kittens. It has details of breeds, a cat detective series, tax matters for breeders and how to show your cat. It has the wide variety to keep interest over many issues.

Is anything less than perfect? Of course it has many adverts, but no magazine these days would survive without. If you subscribe from outside the USA you will find most of it useful or entertaining, but a few items are really for Americans only, for example the tax advice. But overall non-Americans will also enjoy it.

There are six issues a year, costing US $36 if you are in the USA, US $46 elsewhere. That sounded a little expensive to me, but best is to judge that yourself against other magazines. I enjoyed the three issues I read and I consider it an excellent magazine, which will appeal to a wide variety of cat lovers. They have a website at for further details.

However, as an added bonus, the magazine has made a special offer for readers of this article. They are offering a special rate of US $14.97 for a one year's subscription, which is a saving of 58% off the cover price. There is an additional US $10 fee for postage outside the USA. Just quote "special website rate". I think it is well worth getting a subscription at this special rate.

If anyone wishes to subscribe you should write to:
Lisa Allmendinger
Editor, I Love Cats
16 Meadow Hill Lane
NY 10504
U. S. A.

Alternatively you should send an email to:
Lisa Allmendinger at


Editor's note:

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