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This page contains articles [some funny] and links of general interest, also some Special Services and other miscellaneous items. There is a section on Netiquette: how to post to Usenet. There is a section on articles about animals. Submissions are welcome.

Items of a more specialised nature appear on my Bridgepage, my Bridge Lawspage, my Catpage, my Cat Storypage and my Trainpage.

If you want to tell me what you think of my site there are various methods of feedback detailed on my Homepage. There is also a list there of all the articles and authors on the site.
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  1. My family and where we live
  2. Articles: General Disclaimer
  3. Cockney Alphabet: do you know it?
  4. Louise Woodward, the British Au Pair in Massachusetts
  5. European Union and other European countries
  6. Commonwealth countries
What's on
my Generalpage?
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Special Services

  1. Send a Digital Postcard
  2. Currency Converter
  3. Submit your Website to the top Search Engines
  4. See a Map for anywhere in Great Britain
  5. The Magical Translator Updated
  6. :) See also my Special Services Links Link :)
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  1. Fancy links with their own icons 2 Slow!
  2. Search engines to search for other sites Slow!
  3. Personal links
  4. Miscellaneous links 3
  5. Software and Virus Links
  6. Funny links 2 :-)
  7. Special services links
  8. Sporting links 3
  9. Submit a Link
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  1. General Articles
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  3. Netiquette
  4. Puzzles and Tests
  5. Anonymous Funny Articles 5 :-)
  6. The Battle of the Sexes 2 :-)
  7. Other Funny Articles :-)
  8. Funny Stories 3 :-)
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