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What is on my Lawspage?

This page contains articles and links to do with the Laws of Bridge, Tournament Direction, Movements, and so on. Submissions are welcome.

For articles [some funny], stories and links to do with playing the game of Bridge see my Bridgepage.

Items of a more general nature appear on my Generalpage, including a section on Netiquette: how to post to Usenet.

If you want to tell me what you think of my site there are various methods of feedback detailed on my Homepage. There is also a list there of all the articles and authors on the site.
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Information 1

General Information 1

  1. Code of Practice for Appeals Committees from the WBF at Lausanne, 1999
  2. WBF Convention Booklet - Details of Multi Twos and the Full Booklet
  3. WBF Laws Committee - Minutes of meetings
  4. WBF Systems Policy 2000
  5. New Interpretations of the Laws by the WBFLC at Lille, 1998
  6. International Tournament Director: any Bridge organisations want one?
  7. Bridge Rulings: do you want any help with one?
  8. Bridge Proprieties copied from the ACBL District 16 page
  9. The Laws Quiz by Morris Jones and Gary Porter copied from the CBF website
  10. ACBL Alert Procedure by Marvin L. French, San Diego, CA, USA
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Information 2

General Information 2

  1. Flow Charts for Common Laws by Laval Dubreuil, Quebec, Canada
  2. EBL TD Course at Tabiano 2001: Course Papers
  3. BLML Logos and other items
  4. International Bridge Laws Forum [IBLF] by David Stevenson
  5. Simple Rulings Forum [SRF] by David Stevenson
  6. International Appeals Forum [IAF] by David Stevenson
  7. Appeals booklets from around the world
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  1. Miscellaneous Articles 2
  2. Rulings Articles 4
  3. Appeals Articles
  4. Psyches Articles
  5. Articles for players
  6. Articles on the 1997 changes to the Laws
  7. David's Word from the OKBridge Spectator
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Organising Bridge

  1. Fun night at the Club by David Stevenson, Donal Lyons, Jens Christiansen & Paul Lamford
  2. Bingo Bridge by Phil Hatton, Maidstone, England, UK
  3. Round-Robin Team Game by Marvin L. French, San Diego, CA, USA
  4. Butler scoring: what types are there? by Michael Wilkinson, Sydney, NSW, Australia
  5. Valet Score: An alternative to Butler scoring by Soren Hein, Munich, Germany
  6. Fixing Broken Movements by David Martin, London, England UK
  7. Calculation of Pairs Tournaments by Herman De Wael, Antwerpen, Belgium
  8. Newbie Director by Ian Payn, London, England, UK & David Stevenson
  9. The Match-Pointing Formula by Keith Wignall, Christchurch, New Zealand
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