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Flow Charts for Common Laws

by Laval Dubreuil, Quebec, Canada


There are 33 flow charts illustrating chapters 5 to 6 (more useful Laws). They are made with Powerpoint and can be put on a WEB with links to law texts. I have a French and an English version of them and use them to teach basic laws to beginners. These flow charts are part of a French illustrated book of Laws I sell in Canada to club directors and to many players. The English version exists but I do not have permission to use law texts in America (ACBL copyright).

In the meantime, here are two sample files (the same I sent to ACBL). They are two Office-2000 Powerpoint file, one containing a Law 25 chart, one containing 2 charts (Laws 31 and 62-64). I made some hyperlinks to texts of Laws. Just go on hyperlink with the right button of your mouse and open the link to get the text. I am sure you will have no problem to try them.


The files are available as zip files for download only. To look at the various files, either download the ones that interest you, or download all of them in the file "All Charts". To do this, right-click on the relevant link below, and then click on "Save Link As" or "Save Target As". Once you have downloaded each file, unzip it and then look at it in Microsoft Powerpoint.


If you do not have a facility to unzip documents then you should download an evaluation copy of WinZip which is available at the WinZip site

The files currently available for download are:

  1. Law 25
  2. Laws 31 and 62-64


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