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EBL TD Course at Tabiano 2001: Course Papers

and other documents


All the course papers are available, plus certain other related documents.

Since this was a European Bridge League course it should not be assumed that anything in these papers necessarily applies in other Zones. However, it is hoped that the contents of these papers will be found to be useful in all jurisdictions.

NOTE: The notes for Adjusted Scores include two sections that were not available in Tabiano. They were added because of discussions at the end of the lecture.

To look at the papers, right-click on the relevant link below, and then click on "Save Link As" or "Save Target As". Alternatively you can download all the files at once by right-clicking "All Files". Once you have downloaded each file, unzip it and then look at it. Microsoft Word should be used for DOC files, Microsoft Excel for XLS files, Adobe Acrobat for PDF files and Paint Shop Pro or Paint or Corel Photo-Paint for JPG files.


If you do not have a facility to unzip documents then you should download an evaluation copy of WinZip which is available at the WinZip site

The files for download are:

  1. Adjusted Scores by David Stevenson
  2. Sytems by Grattan Endicott
  3. Code of Practice by Grattan Endicott
  4. Screens by Rui Marques
  5. Appeals by Dietlind Kellner
  6. Clock of Bridge by Antonio Riccardi
  7. Movements by Max Bavin
  8. "Could have known" by Max Bavin
  9. Scoring and Results by Maurizio Di Sacco
  10. Claims and Concessions by Ton Kooijman
  11. Changes of Call and Lead Penalties by Ton Kooijman
  12. Perfect TD ruling by Ton Kooijman
  13. Revokes by Ton Kooijman
  14. Unauthorised Information by Bertrand Gignoux

  15. Consequent v subsequent from The Bridge World
  16. Alerting and Bidding Box Regulations
  17. Exams and Exercises
  18. TD Participants
  19. EBL TD Regulations and Organisation
  20. EBL TDs Official List
  21. Course photographs

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