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Fixing Broken Movements

by David Martin, London, England UK


Available for download is a ZIP file that contains various bridge movements. Most of them are completely crazy and no TD in their right mind would consciously choose to use them. However, the reason that they are of interest is that they are often what is created when a TD makes a mistake whilst setting up a conventional movement, eg. by forgetting a relay or putting one in the wrong place. The instructions for completing the appropriate crazy movement then become the rescue procedure to be adopted.

Each movement is contained in its own Excel spreadsheet that can be printed onto 1 sheet of A4 paper and the file 'Movement Index & Key' is just what you would expect and indicates the problems that each movement can solve. The movement in each particular spreadsheet is an example only and the instructions contain algebraic references that enable them to be adapted for use with different numbers of tables.

Please let David Stevenson know if you have any queries or if you think that there are any errors or omissions.

Finally, I must formally acknowledge the great help that I have received from Jim Proctor in developing some of these solutions.

To download file, right-click below, and then click on "Save Link As" or "Save Target As". Once you have downloaded the file, unzip it and then look at the various files therein in Excel.


If you do not have a facility to unzip documents then you should download an evaluation copy of WinZip which is available at the WinZip site

Download Broken Movements

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