The Laws Quiz
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The Laws Quiz

Test your knowledge of the [ACBL] Laws

by Morris Jones and Gary Porter


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Answer each of these 25 questions True or False.

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  1. After making an insufficient bid, the first option is for the offending player to correct the bid to a sufficient bid in the same denomination (suit or notrump) with no penalty.

  2. If your opponent passes after a hesitation, you may take any inference you like, at your risk.

  3. If RHO is the dealer, and you pass before he makes his first call, your partner will be barred from the auction.

  4. It is illegal to "psyche" a strong artificial 2 Club opening bid.

  5. Opening 1 bids of less than 8 high-card points, by partnership agreement, are illegal.

  6. "Psyche" bids are perfectly legal and should not be called to the attention of the director.

  7. By law, the opening lead must be made face down.

  8. When shuffling and dealing, it doesn't matter how you deal, so long as each player gets 13 cards.

  9. When the dummy is faced, it is too late for any player to ask for a review of the bidding.

  10. During the play, declarer or either defender may ask for an explanation of an opponent's bid.

  11. During the play, dummy may not look at an opponent's convention card.

  12. During the play, it is improper for declarer to ask what the contract is.

  13. The auction proceeds 2NT - Pass - 2 Clubs (Insufficient). The director should allow opener's partner to correct his bid to 3 Clubs without penalty, unless the 2 Club bid is accepted.

  14. As a defender, I should call attention to my partner's failure to alert my alertable bid before he makes the opening lead.

  15. Until a card is led to the next trick, declarer or either defender may inspect, but not expose, his own last card played.

  16. If dummy notices that declarer has a quitted trick turned wrong, he should call it to his attention as soon as possible.

  17. When any player at the table notices an irregularity during the play, he should call the director immediately.

  18. Dummy is allowed to attempt to prevent an irregularity by declarer.

  19. If declarer leads from the wrong hand, the lead must be corrected unless either defender accepts.

  20. By law, you must count the cards in your hand before examining them.

  21. By law, you must count the cards in your hand before putting them away.

  22. A defender's card is considered "played" when held in a position such that his partner could see it.

  23. If a defender accidentally drops a small card face up, it is a minor penalty card.

  24. If a player revokes to a trick, it is a two-trick penalty.

  25. After declarer claims the remaining tricks, if a defender disagrees with the claim, he should ask declarer to continue playing.

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