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Quango and Nanki Poo, and Sophie


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Quango and Nanki Poo

Quango is on the right,
Nanki Poo is on the left.

Both are Siamese.

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Quango was the brains of the outfit. He was a Lilac Point Siamese.

Born: 11th November 1987

To Rainbow Bridge: 23rd December 2001

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Nanki Poo

Nanki Poo was quite laid back. He was a Seal Point Siamese.

Birthday: 5th April 1993

To Rainbow Bridge: 7th April 2010

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Sophie is a rescue cat at the Mann Cat Sanctuary in the Isle of Man

She is sponsored by David Stevenson

See here for her story

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Good friends!

[For once!]

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What's in there?

Quango on a coal bunker

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Nanki Poo and David

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Sophie - a head shot

Sophie and brother Tommy, both Manx, had been abandoned on a remote farm and left to fend for themselves even though they were only kittens.

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When rescued, Sophie was in a poor state and seemed to have given up hope. Her coat was matted and dirty and she was suffering from malnutrition and dehydration. After many weeks of intensive treatment and nursing Sophie regained her strength and spirit. She is a sweet natured cat and loves cuddles, but can be very bossy with other cats.

Did someone mention dinner?

Relaxing on the bed

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Quango and David

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Jungle training

Nanki Poo in the garden

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Quango's last days

We lost Quango towards the end of 2001 but he was happy to the end

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Nanki Poo aged ten

Nanki Poo is a bit camera-shy but he seemed ok here

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