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Hello to Duncan and Mouser

by Jim Lindsey, Toledo, Ohio, USA


This is a follow-up to The Cat who Walked through Walls which explained why I had to go get two cats.

I was once again petless and none to happy about it so I decided I simply had to have a cat. In fairness to the prospective cat I, since I was working long and strange hours I decided to get two so that they could keep each other company while I was away.

A person who worked for me lived on a farm and her barn cat had kittens that were the right age for adopting humans of their own. I had never been to her home so she gave me directions and a caution--DO NOT get out of the car until she came to get me. She explained they had a dog who was very good at keeping strangers away.

As I drove into the driveway in my Toyota I discovered why the dog was so good at protecting the house----It was a Great Dane that was easily bigger than my car!! When she came out to great me/free me from my car she introduced me to the dog who was really quite friendly. It put its paws up on my shoulders and as I stared UP into its face I resolved to be much nicer to this particular worker.

Before we met the cats the dog demanded to be played with--he was hard to ignore as you might imagine. My friend said to play catch with the dog to settle it down. As I was looking for a tennis ball or something similar she handed me a rock about the size of my fist and said use this. Unbelieving I tried it. The dog would either fetch it or catch it in the air if you through it up and bring it back to you. I may have been seeing things, but I thought I saw teeth marks in the rock!!

Having appeased the dog we went back to see the kittens. My heart melted as the six balls of fluff were playing around their mother. Each was about the size of my palm and cute as a button. Which two should I choose--As any cat person knows it is essential to have a cat with a personality that is complementary to yours. As I was playing with the kittens trying to decide the dog got lonely and came back to be played with. That is when it happened. One of the little balls of fluff marched himself up to the dog (which had been catching rocks bigger than any two of the kittens combined) arched his back hissed (translation: "get out I'm playing with him.") The dog backed away and I said "That's my cat!" And so he was: he came back to me hopped up on my lap and said "you may pet me now." I took him and the brother who he most liked to play with home with me that very minute.

The brave little ball of fluff I named Duncan Idaho (after the eternal warrior in the Dune books). His brother who was slinky, sly, and pure grey I named Grey Mouser after a sword and sorcery character. As they grew their personalities only asserted themselves more strongly, but those are stories for another day.


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