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A Lost One is Returned

by Aim, Seattle, WA, USA


Today I got to work, and my coworker Liz started telling me how she was so sad cuz she had lost her kitten on Monday. (This is a brand new job and really the first time Liz has told me anything about herself) She was telling me they had gone every night after work up and down the neighborhood, looking for Destiny. Destiny was only 3 months old, so she was very worried that with the storm the last few days, she was cold and alone and lost. She said they had gotten to a point where they were just hoping someone had taken her in.

I asked her what Destiny looks like, and showed her Seattle Animal Control's site, and she started looking there. In the meantime I said "maybe someone at MEOW will be able to give you some search tips." and I got on their website to look for phone numbers. I started looking at the cats they had up for adoption and one looked a bit like how Liz had described Destiny. I said "does she look anything like this?" and Liz said "OHMYGAWD that's HER! My baby!"

So we called MEOW, told them we thought it was her kitty and we'd be by to see, but please hold onto her. When we got there it was obvious it was the right kitty, as she curled up in Liz's arms and started to purr. She had caught a cold, and fleas, and ear mites in the 3+ days she'd been Out. She had been brought in last night by a man who found her in a busy intersection. He'd wanted to keep her but couldn't. But he had given her a bath, and cleaned her ears, and he just happened to bring her to MEOW, of all the shelters close by. MEOW is the no-kill shelter, but is really quite small. You wouldn't know about it unless you knew about it, basically.

After a scolding about letting her out (it was an accident -- she slipped out the door when Liz's husband opened it) they gave her over and just asked Liz to pay them $20 for the vaccines and medications they'd given her. She said that she was happy to pay anything she needed to to get her kitty back.

Not even 5 minutes after we got there, a woman came in and said "I saw a white kitten with grey stripes on top of her head on your website and I want to adopt her -- oh no are you adopting her? " Liz explained it was her kitten. So were literally got her back in the nick of time. 15 minutes later and she'd have been gone! Amazing, huh?

Liz was so glad. We took Destiny home, and her two brothers didn't even hissspit at her. She jumped onto the cat tree where one was, and he slurped her across the top of the head once and then she jumped down and ran from room to room, checking to make sure she was truly home! :-)

Nice to see a happy ending. And to know I helped.

And if the man who brought the white kitten with two grey stripes on top of her head to MEOW (they called her "Beacon" cuz she was found on Beacon Hill) happens to be out there reading this, please email me. I am SURE Liz would like to thank you for rescuing her.


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