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Clink goes the Cat Door

by Beverley, Napier, New Zealand


(With apologies to Aussie fans who sing 'Click go the Shears boys, Click, Click, Click')

Ollie dislikes the cat door and mostly refuses to use it. He relies on 'the power of meow' to open doors and windows for him. Several loud screams at any of the apertures is enough to send one of us scurrying to serve him. The 'power of meow' can be a terrible thing.

"Why don't you make the cat use the cat door?" friends keep saying as we dash past them, "You're just a slave to that cat."

"He doesn't like the cat door and have you heard the noise he makes?" we shudder in defence.

But lately Ollie seems to have been using the door and it's quite exciting. "It's just a matter of showing him," I bragged to John, "I pushed him through a few times and he suddenly got the idea." Just then the cat door clinked and Ollie walked in, smirking. Sweet success.

But it didn't last. The cat door clinked yesterday and the cat was asleep on my knee. I upended him and tore out to the kitchen. There was just a swinging cat door and a plate swept clean of crunchies.

So far I haven't found the secret cruncher - he/she/it is too fast for me. I haven't even succeeded with Ollie. This morning he stood by the door and screamed "I want to go oooout!" I obeyed. I opened the door. "Clink went the cat door, clink, clink, clink."


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