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Cuffing the Monster from Hell

by Beverley, Napier, New Zealand


A girl lives in the flat across the road. I have been nervously watching a huge, ugly, white dog which appears to have taken up residence on her lawn. The dog looks like a gangster. It has a big mouth full of sinister-looking teeth and a black patch over its left eye - a 'monster from hell'.

This morning I got up at 6.00 and called Ollie. He had been out on the tiles all night hunting for bits of 'Mir'. Then I noticed something. Ollie was marching across the lawn of the flat across the road. Directly in his sights was the Monster from Hell.

The cat was intent on suicide. I screamed from the front window but it was no use. The pair were now eyeball to eyeball. I reached the driveway at full pelt but the die was cast. Ollie reached out and cuffed the chops of the Monster from Hell! I couldn't watch, it was execution time. I reached the pair as the Monster from Hell retaliated. He stuck out his tongue and slurped the cat's face from end to end. Ollie loved it, you could almost hear him giggle.

Just then the girl came out. "The pair are great friends," she soothed. "I've often seen them playing."

I gave a weak smile of relief. I realised I had just uncovered another facet in the secret life of Ollie.

The girl went on. "Licks was starving when he arrived on my lawn a while back. I enquired around and found he had been abandoned. He's a lovely-natured dog. He always gets in my car ready to go for a ride and fetches the paper every morning."

Licks slurped my leg and I reached down to pat him. "I thought the man who owned the flat didn't allow dogs," I said.

"He doesn't," said the girl "that's why I'm shifting next week. I'm adopting Licks. I've found a new flat which costs more but they take dogs." She smiled shyly, "I really love that dog."

A nice warm feeling came over me as I said goodbye. All was right with the world. I gave Licks a final pat and Ollie gave him a cuff for the road.


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