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Bed-time - a Play starring Bonnie & Clyde

by Beverley, Napier, New Zealand


Characters: Bonnie, Clyde, John and me (as narrator and observer)

Scene One

Listens to John sternly talking to kittens in bedroom as I walk down hall.

"I'm going to bed and so are you."

A lot of yowling.

I depart to lounge, John follows holding two kittens.

John, putting down kittens inside the door. "Goodnight - you are naughty kittens."

Kittens, combined chorus "Yowl"

John dashes to hall door and half closes it. Kittens speed through his legs and rocket down the hall to bedroom.

John "*//xfsp**@%%$"

Scene Two, begins after an interval of ten minutes.

John breathlessly appears in doorway holding two kittens.

John, gritting teeth "You are bad bad kittens."

Kittens together "Yowl"

This time John puts kittens down in middle of diningroom. Shakes finger at them. John makes a dash for the door. Kittens shoot through his legs and trip him up. He is saved from falling by grabbing the door knob and bumps his shins.

John "#@+<>*%@#"

Thunder of kitten feet as they race down hall to bedroom.

Scene three, after an interval of fifteen minutes.

John, looking hysterical, appears holding two kittens. Brings them into lounge to recliner chair and dumps them into my lap

John, "Hold 'em till I get through the door, will you."

Kittens together, watching John with glittering eyes "Yowl".

John gets as far as half closing the hall door before the kittens wrench themselves from my nerveless fingers and rocket for the door. They make it. Sound of thundering feet as they race to the bedroom.

John at top of voice s#@*<>%*+$t



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