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Taf's Toy Lessons

by Krista Clement, Kelowna BC, Canada


I'm eating those fall candies, the molasses toffees that get handed out for Hallowe'en. I just finished one and scrunched the wax paper wrapper up into a little ball and tossed it onto the desk for Twinkle-Afar, who has been sitting up here helping me read the ng.

Now she is teaching me the games to play with a wax paper ball. A quick 15 min. workout for cats:

  1. Pick up the paper ball in your mouth and carry it around like a mousie.
  2. Bat it under the couch; retreive. Repeat.
  3. Pick it up & drop it on top of the mat. Then stick your paws under the mat and make the ball bounce up in the air from underneath !! (exciting)
  4. Pick up the ball again and drop it onto a very patterned part of the carpet. Then try to find it as it blends into the pattern. This is a form of eye exercises.
  5. Bat the ball under the edge of the carpet ( a rolled up edge works best; use your claws to lift the carpet up). Then, without looking, use your paws to find and catch the mousie..., er, ball.
  6. Pick up the toy with your paws and juggle it around in the air between your mouth & front paws. Practice makes perfect!!
  7. Soccer practice: drop the ball under the chair and then stand outside and smack it around and between the legs of the chair. Tell meowmie you're down there so she doesn't run over you.
  8. Baseball: Have meowmie pick up the toy and toss it to you for batting (and/or catching) practice.

Whew! A hard 15 min. work. Time for a drink of water.


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