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If They Could Talk ....

by Roger Hooker


I think this is a bit of the cattiness they would express...

Day 1:
Reina: "AARRRGGHH!! Hairless monsters!!! Hide under bed!"
Tabby: "Run! Run! Run! Find dark place and hide!!"

Day 2:
Reina (Still under bed): "Big Hand Alert!! Back up... farther... farther!!!!.... Ohhhh, Tabby!!"
Tabby: "Reina, HELP!" I'm being kittynapped!!! HELP!!" (Tabby disappears with hairless ones.)

Day 3:
Tabby: "You know, Reina, the hairless ones aren't so bad....they do feed us and talk nice to us...and I've never seen so many toys!"
Reina: "Trust me, they're up to no good! Beware the hairless ones, Tabby!"

Day 4:
Reina: "Did I just see you letting one of the hairless ones rub YOUR belly? Did I? And were you letting them sleep on OUR bed? Traitor!!"
Tabby: "Well... I... they aren't so bad, Reina. Have they ever tried to hurt you? No! And they do feed us... and that litter box! It's such a palace compared to what we did have!"
Reina: "Hrmph! Litter box indeed!"

Day 6:
Tabby: "Hmmm... what where you doing with that hairless one, Reina?
Reina: " wasn't like that at all, Tabby.."
Tabby: "Did I actually see you letting her stroke your fur? And did I hear you purring as she picked you up and held you?"
Reina: "Uhhh...ummmm..."
Tabby: "What's the matter, Reina? Cat got your tongue?"

And the saga continues....

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