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Another Persia Thing

by Jill McQuown, Cordova, Tennessee, USA


I don't let anyone tell me Persia isn't bright.

I leave her in my bedroom when I'm at work because I have two bird cages. I'm not saying I don't trust her. She pretty much ignores my parakeets, but occasionally she'll rush at the cages if she thinks they are doing something interesting and freak the poor things out. It's easier to shut her in (it's a large room) than to move the cages and their stands every morning.

When I put her in my bedroom (from which she has the 'large screen TV' glass doors to the patio), her litter box is in there and her food and toys. Her water fountain stays in there.

She got a wee bit sick to her tummy yesterday while I was at work. Nothing to be concerned about. Anyway, I also had a basket of unfolded clothes on one side of the room. Just stuff I wear at home. Cotton tops, t-shirts and such. So, she got sick to her tummy. You know how cats will scratch and try to cover stuff like that up. She couldn't cover it up. So what she did was, she got one of my t-shirts out of the basket and dragged it over to cover up her vomitus.

I got home, opened the door, she greeted me as usual. I patted her, then went to move her litter box back to the hallway. I walked into the bedroom, hmmm. What is my t-shirt doing over here? I picked it up and discovered she'd used it to cover her little incident. :-)

Nope, I don't let anyone tell me she's not bright! I can't describe how much I am amused by and adore Persia!


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