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Navigating my Kitchen-dining Area

by Catherine Sadler, Ramah, CO, USA


My house is small and crowded. Alright, I collect too much stuff. :-) The dining area is now my computer area. I searched a lot of stores for a desk to meet my needs and pockbook and still fit in the available space. The corner of the desk is about 15 inches from the bar for going into the kitchen. I have to suck my tummy in to get by.

So, naturally, that is the favorite place for the cats to stretch out or sit expectantly and they won't move! I get my daily exercise sucking in my tummy and lifting my feet up high and stretching: suck in, lift up, stretch.

But since the refridgerator is in the dining , er, computer area: sometimes I perform incredible feats of balance carrying food to and fro... suck in, lift up, stretch and don't drop the food!

I tried shuffling. Oh, Mom wants to play Out come the claws. There goes the food while Mom hops around making funny noises!

As for cooking, the cats' feeding station is in the kitchen. Now I know from the dimensions of Djoser's belly that he eats when I am not there. But every time I go to the kitchen, he goes to the feeder and hollers for me to draw the food down and pet him. Then I go about my business.

As soon as I turn my back he rubs against the back of my legs and hollers again. I turn and speak and motion toward his food. He goes back to it and tells me to pet him. I turn away and he is back against my legs.

Supper is a long, involved process. Stir the gravyy a few times, turn and pet the cat. Turn the chops over and turn and pet the cat. Back to the gravy which is sticking by now. Scrape the skillet and turn and pet the cat.

Charred food and a little cat hair never hurt anyone. I live on it all the time. :-)

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