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New Toy

by Stacey Sharpe, Canandaigua, NY, USA


Well, I was out getting groceries tonight and made an impulse buy of a new cat toy. I believe it is the same one that someone on RPCA Note1 previously posted about... but the ditziness has taken over and I don't recall who it was. But whoever it was, you can rest assured that I was thinking of you while standing in the pet aisle today...

Anyway! The toy is a little stuffed mouse on the end of a string. The other end of the string is attached to a stick that screws into a thingy that is supposed to attach over the top of a door. Being that we have no doors in our kitchen and being that The Moose doesn't allow the cats out of the kitchen, I hung it on the curtain rod over the window over their basket/bed. The mousie makes a tweety noise when moved (the package said "realistic mouse sounds", but I think it more resembles a bird).

Nancy looked at the toy and said "Pshaw! I do not play with cat toys!". Mr. Bob gave it a couple whacks then walked off bored after a few minutes. Patrick will play with it if I bring it in to the living room and wave it in front of his face as he sits on the back of the chair. Sid, however, is in HEAVEN. He's in playing with it right now, and all we hear are multiple tweets followed by a bit of kitty feet scampering on the linoleum.

Moose felt left out, of course, so she grabbed it and tried to run away with it. Unfortunately for her, the string is a rubbery bandy kinda bounce back thing, so she only got so far then it went POING bouncing back into the kitchen. She decided that it was alive and therefore not the safest thing to play with!

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