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Tinsel the Tattletale

by Joanne Macek, Rochester, NY, USA


First let me explain. Tinsel is our furry little girl. She's a blue point himalayan whom we got from the local humane society. She's the best kitty in the whole wide world. She's gorgeous and she knows it. And, she's incredibly spoiled and a bit of a priss. (For you South Park fans, we regularly call her Polly Prissy Pants. Especially when her britches get a little long and shaggy) Our friend, Rich, was living with us for a little while. He had a cat named Nynex. Tinsel and Nynex got on well enough, but it was a bit like a brother and sister who would play fight but down deep they really liked each other and wouldn't let anyone else know it!

It was a sunny, warmish day in early spring in Rochester, NY. (A RARE thing up here!) I had decided to open the windows to air out the house. Tinsel LOVES when we do this, because that means she gets to sit in the window and look outside. I had gone upstairs to take a shower. I got out of the shower and Tinsel DEMANDED her "ups". (She's got this really weird thing about being picked up by someone after they get out of the shower. She LOVES it. I guess she just prefers clean humans. Frankly, I'm a little insulted by it. Like I don't smell good enough the rest of the time for her highness to be held by me. hrrmmph)

After an abbreviated bout of "lovin's", she wrestled out of my arms and continued meowing at me. Well, I knew she didn't want "ups". She continued meowing with this utterly URGENT look on her face. I walked out of our bedroom to the top of the landing. We have an open foyer, so I can see right out over the great room, where I had opened the windows. I notice the screen on one of the windows was popped out in the corner. Immediately I knew....Nynex had busted out.

I began running around the house looking for him. All over the downstairs, no Nynex. The whole time Tinsel is following me around with the URGENT look on her face meowing. I swear if she could have sat in front of the window and pointed with her paw, she would have. MMEEE-OW. (he went thatta way :) Finally, I turned to her and said, "What's that girl. What are you saying? Did Timmy fall down the well?" She was NOT amused. She gave me a look like, "NO, Nynex went out the window, but you're too D*mn stupid to understand me. And don't treat me like Lassie, she was just a DOG." (Tinsel has a BIT of an attitude.)

Then I realized, she was ratting out Nynex. She was just like a spoiled little sister telling on a sibling when they had done something wrong. "MAAAAA, Nynex busted out of the hooooouuuuussssee. MAAAA, Nynex...window...outside. Are you listening to me??? MAAAAA, Nynex is being BAAAAD!"

Finally, I go upstairs (Tinsel in tow - continuing to meow at me.) I look in Rich's room and then look in our bedroom. I look out the front windows and see Nynex, casually sniffing at some flowers. I fly out the front door to try to catch him. Just as I exit the front door the BIGGEST, most RUMBLY truck rolls by. Nynex immediately hunches down as LOW to the ground as he can get and gets a look on his face that said, "WHOAH!! That's the BIGGEST dog I've EVER seen!!" He immediately ran inside the garage and I opened the screen door and he got into the house as fast as he could.

I followed and saw Tinsel laying in the middle of the kitchen floor with just the tip of her tail twitching. "I told you so. You just wouldn't listen to me." I swear she was smiling.


Editor's note: :(


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