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Lots of Help

by David Yehudah, Bellflower, CA, USA


I sure had lots of help making up the beds today. Maccabee came in first and jumped on the mattress just as I started putting the various coverlets and sheets and whatever. He just lay there and let me cover him up, big doggy grin on his pea-picking little face. Then I walked out of the room and watched through the doorway.

He stood up to get off the bed, lifting the blankets and spreads and the top sheet. I pounced on the bed right next to him, grabbed him around the waist, and started shaking him vigorously, meanwhile doing my best tiger imitation. "Roar, roar, growl. . ."

Mac started doing his terrified puppy imitation, shrieking at the top of his little lungs. "Ki yii yii. . ." Suddenly the sheet began disappearing under the covers, and in just a few seconds was completely out of sight. Then the pup finally got traction and shot out from under the blankets, still screeching for all he was worth. Both Patty and I were ROTHFLOAO!

I had to strip the bed and start over, but it was worth it. Then just as I threw the first sheet down, Sasha ran under it and lay there, tail twitching with excitement.

Patty and I very carefully made the bed again. Sasha stayed where she was. Once again I walked out the door and waited. When the lump under the covers stood up, I jumped on the bed, grabbed Sasha, and started shaking her just as I had Maccabee, screaming at the top of my lungs as I did so.

Again there was a wild flurry of action under the sheets (No, I wasn't under there with Patty!) as Sasha tried to run. Suddenly the bed let a loud fart and collapsed, and instead of a nice, soft mattress I was lying on the hard board underneath. Sasha had shredded the air mattress with her claws. :-( But that's okay; it was the one on Patty's. . .Ouch! Okay, okay.

Y'all please excuse me; I have to go to the store and buy a new mattress right now.


Editor's note: :(


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