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by David Yehudah, Bellflower, CA, USA


These critters just won't stop. About the time I decide there's nothing new, they surprise me. Or each other.

A few minutes ago I lay down to take a nap, and was immediately joined by the Willis menage. Or mangy, or something like that. Sometimes my spelling ain't too good.

Anywho, Mac crawled under the covers with me, Willoughby lay on top of me, and Sasha stretched out on the rug next to the bed. Almost immediately Willoughby had to go. He's pretty hefty, and it doesn't take much to stop me from breathing altogether.

I tried to push him off, and everytime I pushed, he went completely limp, like a noodle. It took several tries, but he finally slithered off me and landed on Mac. Mac got a mouth full of sheet and tried to bite Willoughby. They tussled for a moment or two until Mac chomped him pretty good, whereupon Willoughby started doing a war dance on Mac's head. He was actully leaping as high as he could straight up and stomping on the pup's head, until he inadvertantly stuck a paw in Mac's wildly snapping jaws. He screeched and took off running across the bed, with Mac in hot pursuit, running blind under the sheet.

When Willoughby leaped off the bed he landed right on top of Sasha; without skipping a beat, he jumped off of Sasha. Sasha, awakened from a sound sleep, sprang to full Halloween cat fight position just as Willoughby ran around the corner and Mac charged out from under the sheet and landed right on top of a thoroughly aroused and angry Sasha.


Mac gave a gasp of horror in midair, but it was too late. He was committed. He was past the point of no return. His whole life flashed before his eyes as he landed square in the middle of Sasha's head and knocked her arse over teacup. Before she could recover Mac was streaking for Patty's lap and relative safety, for, no matter how mad she was for what reason, there was nothing Mama could or would do that would or could come close to what Sasha had in store for him. All Sasha could do was stretch out on the floor and wait for the errant knave. Mac had to get out of Patty's lap SOMEDAY, and when he did, she'd be waiting. I looked at Sasha, and her "eyes they had the seeming of a demon who is dreaming. . ."

I wouldn't be in any hurry if I were him, but, on the other hand, Sasha firmly believes that revenge is a dish best eaten cold. :-)

I can't wait to see what happens when Patty tries to get up.


Mac handled it pretty well, all things considered. The next time Patty went to stand up, Sasha gathered herself for a fight to the death (Guess whose?). Mac, not being the brightest light on the tree but not completely stupid, scrambled up onto Patty's bust and gave her a big puppy hug. She thought it was so cute, she just wrapped her arms around Mac and carried him with her. Sasha gave a snort of disgust and waited patiently. Mac stayed with Patty until it was time to go to bed, then scurried under the covers next to Mama.

I suspect there may be a sequel to all this, although it does appear as if it is more an ongoing saga. "As the Stomach Turns" or "General Balderdash" come to mind as names for the series.


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