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Particularily Clumsy

by Pam Shirk, North Carolina, USA


Some cats are born to perfect balance, Some cats learn perfect balance, and some cats never get it. PC seems to be one of those that never get it. I've been watching him since we brought him home last month, and he hasn't landed on his feet yet.

Last night, he came barreling into the bedroom ran across the bed and fell on the floor. He jumped back on the and raced across it and leaped onto the stand I keep beside the computer table, sending most of it's contents flying...including PC. He landed on the floor where he stalked off for thirty seconds, nursing his butt. The stand attacked him and it had to pay. The fight was on.

Berfert looked at the stand briefly then left the area. Tanada, who was watching from on top of her normal perch on the cable box, shook her head in disbelief. QC and Merlin heard the thumping and banging from the rest of the house and came running so that they could watch from the hallway. PC was oblivious to his audience of three cats and myself.

The stand was the culprit. PC had to show it who was boss. He leaped towards the top of the stand...and missed. He picked himself up off of the floor and leaped again. What few objects had remained on the stand flew off of it. PC slid across the stand and onto the computer table. His little head crashed into the hard drive. His feet hit the speaker beside it. Need I point out that his feet, once again, were not under him?

He quickly turned around and glared at me. I had laughed at him. He then stared intently at a new source of insult. The hard drive had stood up to him and was part of the conspiracy against him. He leaped on top of the hard drive sending CDs and my coffee dragon figurine crashing down to the desk. That was much better. He swiped his paws across the rest of the top, but the CD stand was heavier than him. This was not good.

Wait a minute, the place where Meowmie sits and hits the little bumps was almost directly below and ripe for pouncing. PC leaped to the attack. And slid across the keyboard and fell onto the chair below. He meant to do that. PC licked his back.

Tanada at that point made some movement or sound. PC swung his head around ominously. Tanada had laughed at him. She must pay. He leaped from the chair, ran across my legs where I lay on the bed, and leaped for the highboy where Tanada's cable box rests in all of its glory, six and a half feet above the ground.

He missed and hit the high boy. He scrambled for a hold as he slid to the ground, then tried again, this time following Tanada's usual trail from the bed to the low dresser, to the top of the TV, and onto the Cable box. Tanada watched until he was leaping for the cable box and gracefully leaped onto the bed. I swear there was a big grin on her face. PC stood on Tanada's spot on the cable box staring down at her. One could see the cuss words forming in a bubble above his head. He looked up and spotted Merlin and QC watching from the door way. Berfert was standing behind them.

Suddenly, PC leaped off the cable box and missed the floor. He landed on my book storage box and righted himself. He sped after Merlin and QC, who quickly turned around to escape. They tripped over Berfert, who wasn't quick enough. The three of them were tangled in a large furry ball. This was more like it. PC leaped.

He landed splayed out into the middle of the tangle. Tanada looked at me as I looked at her. I swear we both shook our heads as we tried not to laugh. The tangle rolled down the hall, joyous sounds of cat cussing echoing off the walls. PC had struck again.


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