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Penelope's Curse

by Pam Shirk, North Carolina, USA


Penelope has no sense of humor. This is fine with PC, though the rest of us tend to look at her a little strange. PC seems to consider it a challenge.

Last night, Penelope was sleeping on the carpet in the living room along with Merlin and PC. Berfert was laying just inside the kitchen door watching the three snoozing on the carpet, Tanada was in the bedroom sacked out on the cable box and QC was sawing logs on the chairs at the kitchen table. There were kitty lumps everywhere. I was happy, they were content and all was peaceful.

PC woke up and looked around. Penelope was laying in dead kitty pose, on her side with both sets of legs poking out from her body at 90 degree angles and her tail straight back. Merlin was curled up in as close to a ball as he can get. Berfert was out of PC's sight. It's just as well as Berfert noticed PC's wandering gaze and became very alert.

PC stood up, casually stretched and walked over to Penelope, and stood looking down on her beautiful tortie sides. He then put out his left paw and patted her face. She shot up into the air and stood there in Halloween kitty pose staring at the evil being leering in her face. Her fight or flight reflexes were clearly in conflict.

Flight won out. She took off at an angle to him and ran as fast as she could up the mound. Merlin looked up just in time to be run over by PC who was in hot pursuit of a hit and run driver. Penelope headed into the kitchen to hopefully rid herself of her pursuer among the chairs, table and other obstacles within. Merlin lumbered to his feet, or tried to. He's got a bigger udder than we thought. He stepped on it, and had to scramble to straighten himself out. By this time Penelope was at the entrance to the kitchen.

I've always said that Berfert thinks of humans as material for experimental purposes. It seems that he sees Penelope in the same light. As she ran into the kitchen, he moved broadside so that she literally ran into his side, stumbled, and bounced off of him. She landed on the floor in a heap and scrambled to get up. PC stood in the living room watching to see what she was going to do. Penelope sort of got to her feet and tried to slide underneath Berfert's tummy. Berfert laid down on her. Penelope was trapped with her head and front paws facing into the kitchen and her tail and back paws facing into the living room. PC danced up and swatted her butt, then danced off. Penelope cried a little kitty version of "Uncle" and Berfert let her up.

Penelope stalked off and hid in a corner of the kitchen until she thought the coast was clear. PC waited just out of sight until Penelope slunk through the door into the living room. He leaped high into the air and came down on her back in proper judo sequence. The two cats rolled around for about five seconds, when Penelope could get herself free. She ran down the hall with PC giving chase. A minute later he proudly pranced back into the living room and perched on top of the cat carrier (it seems to be a permanent fixture as the cats get upset every time I try to remove it) and proclaimed his superiority to the skies. PC was victorious again.


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