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Kitty in the Loo!

by David Yehudah, Bellflower, CA, USA


I love these cats! I wouldn't take for them.

Just now I was getting ready for when Patty gets home this afternoon. I started running my bath, and used the loo while waiting for it to finish. I didn't want to flush while waiting, because that makes the water run very slowly. So I left the lid up to remind me.

Patty has some peach scented bubblebath that really improves her love life when she uses it, so I figured What the heck? and poured some in my bath water. You never know.

I stretched out in the tub, soaking in those bubbles, when Willoughby came in and jumped up on the toilet seat to keep me company. He's a gorgeous animal, a black-and-grey tortoise-shell with plushie fur, about 6 months old, but a little slow on the uptake.

Then Pussy came in to see what was going on. She's Willoughby's black sister and very inquisitive. Pussy jumped onto the rim of the tub and leaned over to see what all that white, foamy stuff was. She had to stretch a bit, and the rim was slippery. Suddenly she slipped and stuck her face into the bubbles. She probably should have waited until her face was clear before giving this tremendous gasp of horror, but she didn't, and the resulting sneeze blew her clear off the edge of the tub and onto the floor.

Willoughby was so startled he fell backwards into the loo, immersing himself up to the neck. He stuck his head out, but he was too shocked to even protest the wetting he'd gotten. He just squatted there with this woebegone look on his face.

Considering where he'd fallen and in what, I gently picked him up by the scruff of the neck and lowered him into the tub with me, talking softly to him the whole time. He didn't even squirm when I washed and rinsed him, toweled him off, and set him on the floor.

Then I noticed Traveller, standing in the doorway. He had the most horrified expression on his face I've ever seen on a cat, and when I set Willoughby down, I guess Traveller figured he was next. They tied for the other end of the house. Pussy was already there waiting for them.


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