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Nickodemous' Bath Time Fun

by Tonie Becker, Anchorage, AK, USA


Last night I decided to take a bubble bath. I ran the water luke warm so that I could have my 8 month old daughter with me as she has never been in a bubble bath. Nikki, Aristotle, and Laz-cat all gathered in the bathroom to watch. There was much laughing, giggling and splashing. When I decided Kyra had soaked my bathroom floor enough, I had her daddy take her away and put her to bed.

Nikki decided that since water wasn't flying every where, he was going to investigate. Big mistake. I snatched him off the floor and dunked him in the tub. His hind quarters, stomach, front and back legs, and hips were soaked.

I released the once docile house cat to groom himself on the floor. The door had been shut so he couldn't track water all over my carpet. Nikki slunk over to a corner by the door and started licking his paws. Suddenly, something twitched just near him.

With a ferocious yeowl he spun around. But the offending thing was gone. As he started to sit, curling his tail forward, there it was again. With a low, menacing growl he advanced, moving ever so slightly to align his body for the kill.

But when he moved, so did the intruder. Nikki spun rapidly to the right, just catching a glimpse of the intruder fleeing to the left. Round and round they went, slipping in the water across the floor until Nikki collided with the wall.

Stop, breath, lick ATTACK! Only this time Nikki was going left and the intruder was going right. Again they slid across the wet floor until BLAM! Nikki hit the door. He assumed the meat loaf position. Tucking his tail close. But Ah! that was the intruder snuggling up to him.

Slowly, every so slowly, Nikki placed his paw on the intruder. With a low growl, he leaned in for the kill. HISSS-SPIT! The intruder got away!

By this time I was laughing so hysterically, I thought I was going to drown. So I toweled myself off, then toweled off Nikki and let him out of the bathroom!


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