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Joining the Mouser

by Lori Crews, Houston, Texas, USA


Mischief hears a familiar buzzing and looks up to see a very large kitten transporting to the ship. The kitten, a female moggy with predominantly Maine Coon heritage, spins around to stare wide-eyed at Mischief.

"Hullo!" she cries, "did I do it right, am I really here?"
"Why yes, you are obviously here you silly twit," Mischief replies, "where else would you be?"
"Why, there! And everywhere! I'm a kitten, of course you know that I can be in several places at once!" the kitten replied indignantly.
"Who are you," Mischief demanded, "and why are you here?"
"My hoomin-given name is Sammy," the kitten responded, "but my real name is Ssisssppptheowmy. I'm here to be a cabin-kitty and train to be a pirate!"
"Lives-for-trouble!!" Mischief translated. "Oh my, just what this voyage needs! Well, you didn't bring aboard any gear, so go and report to stores and have the purser issue you some sailor's togs and rough-weather gear."

"Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!" Sammy jumped up and down and around Mischief pausing occasionally to swipe at Mischief's tail.
"Stop that!" Mischief demanded, "You'll keep proper discipline aboard this vessel or suffer the consequences."
"Consekw.. consekens.. um what's that?" Sammy looked at Mischief in puzzlement.
"Look, just because your hoomin mommy spoiled you unconscionably does not mean that you will get away with the same behavior here. The captain needs a proper cabin-kitty to attend to his needs, and you will shape up or sip out." Mischief said sternly. Sammy lowered her tail a notch and tried to look sorry, but Mischief could tell by the twitching of the tip of her tail that this one was going to be trouble.

"Please don't send me home," Sammy pleaded, "I just had a turrible sssurjury and I need a long sea voyage to get better again."
Mischief saw that Sammy's front leg and belly were recently shaved and relented a bit. "OK scruff, just tone it down a notch or two." Sammy immediately perked up and tore off down the passageway, jumped up the wall at the far end, did a back flip and tore back down the passageway to skid to a stop in front of Mischief again. Mischief sighed and gave Sammy directions to stores then walked away shaking her head. This was going to be a looooong and interesting voyage.


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