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Little Feet Likes Ham

by Mark Edwards, Arlington, Texas, USA


I bought a ham last night, to be sliced up for our lunches. I typically slice the ham myself - I have a little slicing machine for this.

Of course, I get lots of company, and offers of help from the cats...

Tonight I was putting together a couple of sandwiches. I got out the box of ham, a box of sliced onion, sliced cheese, the mustard, pickles, barbecue sauce, and horseradish.

Because the cats can be very insistent, I don't open the box of ham until the very last - I just pile all the other ingredients on first.

Well, Little Feet is practically dancing around on his hind legs. He reaches as far up the counter as he can, stretching to his full height. He still doesn't reach the counter top.

Presto either knows he'll get a bite, or is too lazy to push for it (grin).

Well, I finally open the ham, pull a few bites off for the cats, and start to put the ham down for the cats. Little Feet rushes towards me, realizes he has overshot the ham, and almost does a backflip to get into the right position before Presto does.

Both cats try to get at my ham sandwich until they realize I've "ruined" it with horseradish (grin).


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