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Little Feet has Time to Think

by Mark Edwards, Arlington, Texas, USA


As I mentioned yesterday, Little Feet did not enjoy his ride in the car at all, even when the car was stopped.

Well, this evening, he has been sitting at the back door and meowing. So I think "Ah, one of the ferals is at the door, and he wants to see them."

So I open the door, and no one is there. I pick up Little Feet, and we step outside.

Little Feet stretches out, towards the car, so we head that way. When I get to the car, he tries to paw the roof.

Hmmm. So I open the door, and he jumps inside and sits pretty in the passenger seat. I get in on the other side.

Little Feet stands up, puts his front paws on my leg, then sits back down, facing forward in his seat. Okay, I start the car, and he lies down in the seat.

Is that a purr I hear? Oh my gosh, he has decided that this was not a bad thing after all. I drive around the block, while he sits up and looks out the window.

When we get back, he brags to Presto about how I took him for a ride. Presto just growls and swipes at him, then turns his back to me.

... SIGH ...


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