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MY Hoomin!

by Mark Edwards, Arlington, Texas, USA


The other day, Buster came to the door early. So I got him a bowl of food and laid down on the beat up old love seat where I usually sit.

Now, I am six feet tall. If I lie down on this love seat, my legs go over the arm. If there is a cat (Presto in this case) on the arm of the love seat, I have to fold my legs up to lay there.

Buster finishes eating, and jumps up into my cross-legged lap, and gets comfortable.

Presto is lightly napping on the arm of the love seat. I feel something on my right leg, and look up to see Presto resting his paw on my knee. He is turned just slightly in my directio, with his eyes mostly closed.

Have you ever seen a three-year-old child who is trying not to fall asleep?

Presto is doing his best imitation; trying to keep an eye on me so that Buster doesn't steal all my attention, while trying to keep his head up.

Well, I'm having to keep an eye on Presto too. His eyes droop, and his head starts to slowly lower. He is somewhat off center, so it looks like he is about to fall off his perch. Just as his nose nearly touches the arm, it jerks back up, he reaffirms pressure on my knee, and opens his eyes, the barest slit to make sure I'm still there.

Now Little Feet has taken to raiding Buster's food bowl, despite the fact that he had the exact same food in the kitchen. I'm not sure if he just doesn't want to go allllll the way into the kitchen, or if he thinks I will put Buster back out if the food is all gone.

Tonight, Little Feet was on the bed, when Buster started coming into the room. Just as Buster is about to leap up on the bed, Little Feet charges to that corner of the bed, and glares at Buster.

This must have had some effect on Buster.

Later, Buster was on the love seat, and Little Feet was on the arm. Buster turned over on his back, stretched out his front legs, and looked up at the arm. As soon as he noticed it was Little Feet up there, he let out with a small yelp/yowl, and turnd back over, away from Little Feet.


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