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Making Herself at Home

by Mark Edwards, Arlington, Texas, USA


Spot, the little orange girl kitty has been making herself right at home lately.

I usually find her sitting at the door when I go out in the morning, or lying comfortably within a foot or so of the door.

When I put my bag and mug of tea in the car, she then comes over to be picked up, skritched, and cuddled. Not to mention, being told what a pretty girl she is. Then she and Lady wander off to wherever they spend their day.

Tonight I went out to dump the trash , and found her lying on the trunk of my car, braced against the aero-wing (or whatever that thing is called), and twanging the radio antenna for all she was worth.

She would bat at it, watch it wobble for a moment, then she would swat it a little higher up, for greater effect, and would watch it again. Her little head was twitching back and forth, trying to keep up with the oscillations of the antenna.

When she saw me, she sttod up, took one more swat at the antenna, then reluctntly turned towards me to see if I'd give her a hug despite herself (grin). Of course, I did.

I dumped the trash, and came back to fnd her lying back down on the trunk, both paws wrapped around the base of the antenna.

I wonder if I'll still have an antenna tomorrow...


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