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Pine Cone takes up Nursing

by Pam Shirk, North Carolina, USA


This all started Monday. Because of a teacher's workday, the kids and I had the day off. Rob was at work, and Mike was at his brother/friend Jason's house. I was supposed to pick him up from there during the late afternoon. Rob left for work on time and I slept through it. Pine Cone woke me up later to let me know that the fire that Rob started needed more wood. He's so considerate of the other cats, isn't he? I got up to put wood on the fire and almost passed out. It had rained for a couple of days and I thought I was have a severe mold spore allergy attack. Life was NOT fun. Mandy told me that I looked nasty, and offered to take care of the fire. I didn't care, which is scary, considering that she has the usual Shirk firebug tendencies. Just so long as I didn't have to move my head.

A little while later, I felt well enough to sit up and read the news group.

Pine Cone came in to check on me, followed by Berfert who wanted me to know that Mandy was playing with fire again. I made sure the house wasn't on fire and read the newsgroup. Pine Cone sat on the cat ledge carefully watching my face the whole time. To his glee, I got up and walked into the bathroom to worship at the porcelain chair. He watched carefully to make sure I didn't miss the loo, then jumped onto the seat to sniff the contents while I flushed. He watched me gargle and brush my teeth. This was fun. I finished reading the group then visited the porcelain chair again.

PC took his job as a kitty nurse seriously. He checked to make sure that there was stuff coming out, that I flushed the chair each time, gargled and brushed my teeth, and went back to bed. I was feeling so nasty I didn't care. I just called Rob and arranged for him to pick Mike up and went back to bed. Later Jason called to say that Mike wasn't feeling well, and that I should be warned. He didn't tell me, or know, that Mike had also been worshiping at the chair.

Rob came home with Mike and PC was in kitty heaven. He visited both beds, checked out the bathrooms, walked the floors and showed his concern in every way he could. He even went so far as to chase Tanada, Penelope, and Merlin over the bed at various times. PC is not only a nurse, but an entertainment director.

Yesterday, Rob flew to Kentucky, he'll be home today. Mike and I both stayed home. PC bounced between bathrooms to make sure that we were worshiping correctly. The Perfectly Cosmic Cat received a lot of offerings. PC was thrilled. He ran up and down my body, chased Tanada across my face, watched each trip to the loo, and helped me make and eat my crackers. Since making crackers consists of pulling them from the package and sticking them on a plate, neither of us had to work hard.

Today, both Mike and I are slowly recovering. I haven't worshiped at the shrine for over 12 hours, so I might be over the worst of it. The jury is still out on Mike. He says he's not worshiping, but has no sense of balance. If he's not better tomorrow, I think another trip to TEHD is in order. I'd take him today, but I'm not capable of driving that far, yet. PC is still on duty. He's watched me at the newsgroup, then abandoned me to watch Mike weave around the house, as he's more interesting. Pine Cone is an excellent Nurse Cat, or at least an energetic one.


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