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by David Yehudah, Bellflower, CA, USA


If you've been watching the news, you probably know by now we had a 7.0 earthquake in the wee hours this morning. We were at the far edge of it, so all we got was a couple of loopy pony rides. But since none of us are used to that sort of thing, you can imagine the reaction.

We have a king-size bed in a very small bedroom. The bed is against one wall on the side, and the headboard is against another wall. The footboard is high enough it's a hassle to get across in the dark. That leaves my side of the bed as the only one handy for bailing out in an emergency. I didn't consider that.

The first waves hit, making the room undulate; not too vigorous, but kinda lively. I didn't know much about earthquakes, but I figured out pretty quick what it was. The room stopped moving, and when I looked across the bed I saw four pairs of eyeballs glowing in the dark and looking uncertainly in all directions at once.

I surreptitiously stretched out my arms and legs until I was grasping the headboard with my hands and pushing against the footboard with my feet. Suddenly I shook the bed hard as I could and shouted, "It's the Big One!!"

That was a very bad idea.

As I said, the only way out of the bed was over me. I was trampled, stomped, elbowed, shoved, clawed, bit, scratched, and almost knocked senseless when I tried to sit up and Willoughby slammed into the side of my head at full gallop. He didn't even break stride, he just shoved me aside and kept going. Patty snagged my arm on the way by and dumped me on the floor. She said later it was easier to take me with her than go around or over, so she dragged me along for a ways.

When I got up and went to check for damage in the rest of the apartment, I noticed one end of the couch was higher than the other. When I moved it aside, I found Mac, Willoughby, and Sasha all crowded together with their paws over their heads and their eyes tightly closed.

Interesting night, all things considered.


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