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by David Yehudah, Bellflower, CA, USA


I just love it when these critters of mine talk to me. Sam keeps up a running commentary most of the day, but Cherokee and Pussy are usually pretty quiet. This morning, however, their food dish was empty. I pretended to ignore it to see what would happen. :-)

Sam met me at the bottom of the stairs and commenced telling me all about it. She meowed and chirped and made odd little growls down in her throat, pacing back and forth between me and the food dish. I smiled and patted her head and told her what a good girl she was, but every time she said something, I'd give her a dumb look ('tweren't hard to do, neither) and ask her sweetly what she wanted. She increased her vocalizations, but when I persisted in not understanding what was wrong, she went and got Cherokee.

Cherokee trotted up to the food dish with an air of "Women! I'll show her how to make him understand." He placed one paw on the side of the empty dish and looked at me with his eyes wide open, ears forward, and actually willed me to come see what a cat-astrophe was in the making. I smiled sweetly and told him he was a good kitty and went on with what I was doing.

Next thing I knew I had both of them rubbing against my leg and purring for all they were worth.

Now, you understand these cats are not really all that hungry. One glance at their portly figures and you know they haven't missed many meals. But they were used to the dish being full, and now it was empty; all was not well at Chez Yehudah. Their world was not as it should be.

About that time Patty came downstairs with Pussy in her arms. Pussy was purring and Patty was fuming. "Have you let the food dish get empty again? This poor little thing acts as if she's starving! She woke me up trying to get me to come down and feed her."

I slunk out to the garage and got the sack of food and filled the dish. All three of the little so-and-so's ran over, got one bite of kibble, then went about their business, completely ignoring me but stopping to give Patty headbutts and caresses. Even Mac gave her a big doggy grin and stood there wagging his tail for her. Grrrrrr!


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